Blog 89: Miah tells it how it is…

My 9 year old daughter Miah has been cross with me because I have a meeting on Monday night and cant take her to the movies on her first night of school holidays. “Why do you have to go to a meeting?” I decided to tell her that I am working with a group of people from McLaren Vale to ensure that the rural areas McLaren Vale are protected into the future. Didnt give her too much information- just pretty much made a statement. She obviously had a little think about it & penned this piece.

McLaren Vale by Miah

What do you think will happen to McLaren Vale if all of the vines and trees get puled out? I think it will look very ugly if that does happen. Lot’s of farmers will lose their job’s, then we wont have any food that comes from McLaren Vale. We’ll only have food from China or New Zeland and other places like that. That will be very good for their farmers, but I think we need to have farms here as well. My dad grows apples to sell at the Willunga market and I think that apples taste best when you pick them from the tree. I think China is too far for an apple to come and still be crunchy. My mum grows grapes. When our friends come over they like to see our vines and taste my mums wine.

There will be lots of houses and lots more roads, but less trees and less clean air. Then it will start to look like Adelaide, with lots of traffic, lots of food from other countries and heaps and heaps and heaps of litter.

So try not to build a house here, build it where there is already houses and not grapes and farms and apple trees. Not McLaren Vale!!!!


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2 responses to “Blog 89: Miah tells it how it is…

  1. Spoken with the humility and matter of fact argument that children, more so than politicians posses.

  2. So true… She makes it all seem so simple!

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