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A mention by the great man, James Halliday, makes us very happy at Oliver’s Taranga

We were very happy to see a lovely review from James Halliday in The Weekend Australian Magazine this weekend. Though it seems that our family tree confused James a couple of times (HJ was my Grandfather, not Great Uncle, and Marjorie is HJ’s widow, not RW’s), but I suppose that is too be expected when you have 6 generations on the same property!

The 09 Shiraz and 09 DJ are just about to be released- so email me at if you want us to pop you on the wait list. The 11 Fiano is released, but is not going to last much longer- so be quick!


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“We came, we ate, we drank & we filmed it!”

As you can probably tell we are here, out the front of Oliver’s Taranga, the scene of what’s going to be a massive party tonight. There’s 170 people coming to celebrate 170 years – six generations with a seventh generation who we’ll also meet – 170 bottles of wine, the kitchen’s over there, they’re cooking porchetta, there’s all sorts of beautiful food… it’s all about to kick off. So remember this moment: the calm before the storm that is the 170th birthday of Oliver’s Taranga.

– Nick Stock

And what a wonderful storm it was. If you were unable to join us, here’s something to give you a taste of our 170th birthday party: the official party video! Presented by the storm’s calm eye Nick Stock with commentary from James Halliday, the video also features interviews with our own Marjorie, Don, Margie, Corrina, and Brioni – with assistance from Koen and Miah too 🙂

(If you can’t see the video above, click here to watch the video on Vimeo.)

So was the evening a success? Well…

I took no notes, and got home real late.

– Philip White


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Couple of up-coming events in Adelaide….






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So today the 170th celebration officially goes off……

Preparations have been hectic, but I think we have everything under control!

170 bottles of wine opened and tasted- CHECK

Barrel shed set up- CHECK

Tables set- CHECK

Porchetta in the oven- CHECK

Andre and his team prepping- CHECK

Hair done- CHECK


Red carpet rolled out- CHECK

Thanks for following our 170 day blog- we have had a blast, and we will surely celebrate tonight. Keep watching this space- we have caught the blogging bug, so there will be more updates as to the goings on of the Oliver’s Taranga Team. Especially all the pics from the big night!
More importantly, here’s cheers to 170 years of Oliver’s in McLaren Vale. Thanks for your support & look forward to the future.

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Blog 2: Meet Brioni & Corrina- Generation 6

Brioni, Corrina & Miah at Corrina’s Wedding in 2008
One wonders whether William Oliver could have thought that two women would be at the helm of the business he began in 1841? Because 170 years later, that is just the case.
Cousins and close friends Corrina and Brioni now hold two of the most important roles at Oliver’s Taranga. As winemaker and Cellar Manager respectively, these two talented and down to earth ladies continue to uphold the tradition and heritage of the generations before them.
After generations of wine growers, Corrina is actually the first of the Oliver’s to become a winemaker – convincing her grandfather to let her have some grapes that would make the first Oliver’s Taranga branded wine in 1994. Corrina is a wine judge, mother of two and talented patchwork quilt maker.
Brioni studied wine marketing and drives a mean forklift, in thongs of course. Her dog Patterson is a consistent shadow around her on the Oliver’s property, particularly behind the cellar door bench that Brioni now takes care of. Brioni, the daughter of Don Oliver, is a decorated sportswoman and loves a good laugh.

Brioni, Corrina, Margie, Don & Patterson- the Oliver's Taranga team today

Brioni & Corrina recieving the SA Wine Awards 2011 Best Consumer Shiraz Trophy

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Blog 3: Meet Don & Margie Oliver- Generation 5

Don at the opening of the cellar door, 2007
Born in post-war country South Australia, as a young boy Don would ride the family’s clydesdale bare back after school to help his father in the vineyard. He spent alot of time playing with his brother Morris, sister Robyn, and cousins Andrew, Rick & Stuart, as they all grew up on the Taranga farm together. Don reckons that growing up on a farm was one of the best upbringings a kid could wish for- always something happening and always plenty of space to play.
Like his father and grandfather, he is also an avid sportsman and played for the local footy, golf and cricket teams, coaching McLaren Vale to back-to-back football premierships in 1980/81. Oliver’s Taranga are sponsors of the local McLaren Vale football, netball and cricket clubs to this day.
Don studied the first Certificate of Agriculture at Urrbrae College and his continued viticultural work saw him receive the inaugural McLaren Vale Grape Growers Association ‘Viticulturalist of the Year’ Award. Don is a man of few words unless absolutely necessary, straight up and down like the rows of vines he keeps an eye on every day. 
Margie is our accounts legend, doting grandma to Asher & Logan, and the glue that keeps the whole place running smoothly.

Don and Margie, with the Oliver family crypt in the background


Don & the vineyard boys

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Blog 4: Meet HJ and Marjorie Oliver- Generation 4

HJ & his brother Keith on one of the families motorcycles in the early 40's

Herbert inherited a bustling business when his father passed away in 1970, and he knew it – he’d been working for Oliver’s Taranga for more than half of his life before taking the reins at age 48.

Herbert or ‘HJ’ as he was known, was the man who turned Oliver’s Taranga into a grapes only business. He loved the grape and decided it would be the sole focus for Oliver’s Taranga.
HJ was quite the bachelor in the early 1940’s, wooing his love Marjorie at dance after dance in McLaren Vale and Adelaide. Marjorie’s ‘dance journal’ reveals details of these soirees “I had an extra dance with Bert (HJ) tonight” she writes. She goes onto write of the day HJ was called up to be a fighter pilot in WWII, wishing it weren’t so.
In 1948 with the help of the native aboriginal Kaurna people, the 1948 block was planted and just a few years later, HJ & Marjorie welcomed three children, Robyn, Donald & Morris. It was Donald who would take Oliver’s Taranga into the new millennium. HJ also purchased cropping land in the South east of SA, near Kingston.

HJ (standing) and his brother Arch in the 1920's

HJ also followed the family tradition of being an active sportsman- playing cricket, football, bowls and golf. Don & HJ shared a father/son 150 runs not out partnership in the 70’s, and were both named in the McLaren Vale Football Club’s team of the century.

Bert passed away in 2003, leaving Don to run the Taranga Vineyards and Morris to run the South East property. We have named our premium Shiraz the HJ Reserve in his memory.
Corrina is now raising her family in the home that RW built, and HJ was born in. Marjorie is now the matriarch of the Oliver family. She is well known for her colourful knitted comfy woollen socks that the family all wear on site at Olivers Taranga Vineyards.

Marjorie Oliver, with Masterchef's Marion Grasby and granddaughter Miah 2011

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